Email Marketing mistakes are the most common digital marketing mistakes that people do. Though Google Adwords are considered as best mode to target audience, but  email marketing is also considered as one of the best ways to reach out and prospect in digital marketing, but most times people get it wrong and as a result their marketing via emails deliver very low conversions. Here are some classic common email marketing mistakes to avoid when using email as your marketing tool:

  1. Selecting a prospect without making much research.

We are daily inundated with a dozen of spam mails offering everything from Viagra to a home in the sun. The ones that make it past my spam filter, I simply delete without opening. Understanding who your prospect customer is and sending email to your prospect rather than to everyone is fundamentally the backbone of good email marketing. A good list vendor should be able to provide you with carefully selected email lists. Send out an email without researching your prospect is the biggest email marketing mistake that I see going around every day!

The other day i got a mail in my LinkedIn from a lady who was trying to hock an ERP solution. In this particular case, the lady who got connected to me made no prior attempt to check out my company page or my profile to see if I was really a prospect for an ERP or CRM solution. I am not. I am a startup.

  1. Taking time to tell who you are.

I get over a hundred email’s every day. I can’t possibly do justice in reading every one of them. So tell me quickly who you are in one single sentence. Nobody has the time to read through the entire mail to figure out who you are. This is one of the crucial points to consider if you dont want to make a blooper of an email marketing mistake!

  1. Taking time to tell what you want.

Want me to go through your entire mail to figure out what you want? Think again. Nobody has the time to do that either. Your key message has to come within the first 5 lines of your mail if you desire to catch his attention. The rest of your mail is simply an explanation of the why rather than what. Surprisingly most people don’t follow this rule. So, make sure that whatever digital agency you contact to drive email marketing should be well aware of this.

  1. Keep hitting with mails and tire the prospect.

Another huge email marketing mistake that I see people around me do is repeatedly hitting the prospect with the message. Sometimes system developers forget that there are actually human beings who read mails. They develop system driven auto-responders that are flagged to be triggered off on certain conditions being met. Set up an additional rule that prevents the system from sending more than x number of emails to a subscriber in order to make email marketing work for you.

  1. Expecting that pictures will be downloaded by prospects

My email filter blocks all images as does most email clients. The result? Your lovely HTML emailer reaches me looking  ugly! Optimize your images or create your email template in a way that your basic core messaging gets through the email clients of prospects. That’s what successful email marketing is all about. Litmus is a great tool if you are really keen to use HTML emailers. Personally, I simply prefer text. I get as good if not better open and response rates from text as I used to get out of HTML

  1. Profit. Gift.Free: Avoid these email marketing mistakes!

As a kid I used to love receiving those Readers Digest mailers that screamed “You have won” in big and bold. Thanks to plenty of Nigerian scams and phishing mails, my email client usually junks all such mails that carry these words. And those that make it past my junk email filter, I delete. But I guess that there are still enough naïve people out there who still eagerly open an email with the above words because am continuously surprised to see how many such mails still come.

  1. No tracking of results

Fundamentally most email marketing mistakes come about because people simply do not bother to track and analyze the results of their campaign. Because of its frightfully low cost and ease, many people tend to treat email marketing in a casual manner. They do not track the response and fine tune their email marketing campaign. Tracking lets you play around with subject lines, content, layout so that you can improve your response rates and helps you leverage online advertising in the best way.

  1. Forgetting Call to Action

Another common email marketing mistake I keep seeing is how managers simply forget to put a specific call for action at the end of email. Your specific call for action could be as simple as asking your prospect to call you at a number or visit your website (remember to give a specific actionable link & also make sure the website mentioned by you shouldn’t take much time to get opened) or simply download something of interest.


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