A Picture with a Garland


One day we will all be a picture on some wall with a garland, dusted periodically once a week, a lamp lit underneath it once a year. Our picture will fade with time and move from the living room to the bedroom to the hallway and finally to the closet and one fine day when we are truly lost in the memories of future generations, our picture will be consigned to the dustbin during the annual house cleaning.

Such is the ferocity of time on our lives.

While our picture is fresh, our immediate family be it our wife, husband or children will look at our picture and cry a silent tear. The tears will slowly disappear while the pain of our departure will remain for a few years. Stories about us will be handed down to our grandchildren and with each day, the stories will get embellished just a little bit more until we become large than life. In time our grandchildren will view us in the same way as we view our deities- invisible but omnipresent.

Life continues.  Time will march on.

Our great grand-children will know even lesser of us than did our grand-children. Their lives will be full of their own grand-parents and our picture will move from the living room to the hall way. The maid servants will recognize the new avatar on the wall and dust us off just a little less with each passing day.

At the beginning there will be multiple copies of our picture which will adorn the living room walls of our children. With time as our children in turn become parents and then grandparents our multiple copies will have collapsed to a single solitary one, handed down like the family jewels from first born to first born.

The wheel of life will continue to remove us from memories

The thirty to forty years of hard work that we put in to build assets will crumble with passing time. The sweat , hard work, the sleepless nights you would have spent thinking of home loan emi’s that you are paying to buy your ‘home’ will be lost in the struggle of daily living that your children and their children will go through. The joy you felt when you took the keys to your first home and stepped into it with your family will be lost in time. The love and care you took to decorate your home with fancy stuff bought judiciously with hard earned money will find its way one day to a garage sale .00

Your home will be an ‘asset’ that your children will thank you for buying saving them the hassle of building their own or giving them the opportunity to sell it and buy one of their own liking. If your home survives the first generation, the 2nd generation will have lesser value for it. The only value your home will have is the monetary extraction that can be taken out of it.

In time, Time will crush your assets

The jewellery you so lovingly bought for your wife or partner will be handed down with each passing generation.  The more sentimental of your off springs  will hang on to it, giving it the shape of a family heirloom, while others will store it away into a locker to be brought out in time of financial crisis. What looked so beautiful on the slender neck of your wife will one day be consigned to the goldsmith’s hammer to be cast as another piece of jewellery to be put on some other woman’s neck

The wheel of time will seek to erase everything about you.

You will spend 40 years of your life cooped up in an office working to move up the corporate ladder, fighting with your partner, feeling guilty about not spending time with your lover or your children. Your peers who you so ferociously fought to get that promotion will disappear over time, their own picture in a garland.  Those fantastic presentations, those fantastic projects you executed flawlessly will be quickly forgotten in less than 5 years after you leave your job. Your company too may not exist in twenty or thirty years after you retire and finally make it to the picture with a garland. You will remain a footnote in the company’s history- an employee code with no history

Time will ultimately obliterate everything about you.

All that will remain about you will be a picture with a garland. Until that too finds itself one day in the dustbin thrown out along-with other unwanted stuff as one of your future off-springs move home.

In our rush for fame, success, money, assets or whatever it is that drives us for most of our living adult life, we tend to forget that everything we do everything we make, everything we create will ultimately be forgotten, thrown out or lost in time.  Assets, Work, Jewellery, Home nothing will be left. Even our picture on the wall with the garland will disappear one day.

As entrepreneurs, working professionals, fathers, husbands, wife’s, boyfriend’s , girlfriends , sons or daughters, the more important things in life take a complete backseat in our mad , mad rush for that momentary sense of gratification. And in that process we miss out on the finer things that make life infinitely more meaningful.

That whisper of sand running through your hands at the beach.  The soft touch of your lover’s lips on your own. The feel of a tiny hand enclosed within your large palm. The gentle kiss of the morning sun lighting up your face or the warm savory delight of good food bursting into flavors inside your mouth.

We miss these important experiences in our life just so that we ultimately end up being a picture hanging on the wall with a garland.

There is so much more to life my friends than rushing ahead full steam. Take a pause. Re-evaluate your purpose here on Earth. We all have a purpose here. Was your purpose here to lift someone up or tread on someone else? Was your purpose here to take and take or give? Was your purpose here to build happy memories for yourself and your loved ones or was your purpose accumulation of wealth and prosperity?

Was your purpose in life to be one day to be part of a picture? Or was your purpose something far more meaningful for yourself and your loved ones? Build memories- happy memories, sad memories, beautiful memories, wistful memories. Surround your friends, family and loved ones with memories of you.

Lift someone up so that they can reach higher. Coach another one so that they can do better than you. Give a helping hand to someone who needs it. Lend a shoulder to someone who wants to cry. Motivate another to do better. Forgive those who hurt you. Fill your life by giving yourself happy memories and make a difference to others around you.

And when the time comes to become a picture on the wall with a garland, you will find just a few more people who will tell stories about you to their children. You can’t beat time. You will be a picture on the wall someday. But you can let memories of you flourish manifold in different hearts around you.



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