Dear Zindagi


I was chatting with a young friend of mine the other day who happened to be very much in love and in the passing I asked her if I could suggest a suitable gift she could give to her boyfriend on Valentine.

“Write a love letter’ I suggested to her. “ Not one of those virtual messages and canned copy that the internet is replete with, or an email. Send a honest to god pen-and-paper love letter. “.

“Write down why you love him.” I urged her ,” because there will come a time when things are bad you can both read the letter and fall in love with each other once again.”

February 5th marks the start date of the Valentine week when the world goes crazy with love. People who are lucky to be in love share tender emotional moments and gifts with each other. While people who are yet to find love, look at others who are in love with a wistful “wish that were me’ look

Love. Crazy. Stupid. Love

You can’t live without it and you can’t let live once you are in it. Valentine is the time for lovers to express their love for their other half. A time when we renew our vows to each other.

This Valentine I am in love too . And like all lovers I thought it would be a perfect time to express my own love – and what better way to express it than a public announcement?

So here goes ……..

Dear Zindagi,

Words cannot express how thankful I am for having you in my life. You have been the best gift that God has in his wisdom has chosen to give me. Without you by my side, as you have been over the past so many years, I know I would have given up the battle a long long time ago.

When the nights are cold and dark, when angry storms of depression appear over the horizon and most of all when I am alone and lonely, I often ask myself- what is it about you that makes me want to be with you, bask in your sunlight every single moment of the day?

And it is at such times when I am truly alone the answer strikes me as clear as day –

Dear Zindagi- I love you more than anything else in this world.

I love you for the nurturing me as a child, letting me explore the mysteries of life, protecting me at times and at other times, letting me fall down so that I could pick myself up and learn how not to fall down. I love you for putting such parents in my life who did not cloud my judgement or make me look at my fellow beings with distrust or hatred. I love you for that.

I love you dear Zindagi for helping me find love in the strangest of places, from the strangest of people. That man in the train who found a gangly 15 year old desperately trying to find a seat and offered his own. That girl who put her arms around the 18 year old teen when he was crying and held him and offered comfort- another stranger in the train who found a young adult desperately trying to look brave in a city like Mumbai and offered to take him into his own home. There have been so many countless small gifts of love that you have showered on me my dear love that it would take me a many lifetimes to repay you for it.

I love you, Zindagi my love, for making my heart big enough to continue loving even though I was hurt. You have taught me that love is truly what makes a person special. You have taught me to love without expecting anything. And though I have cried silently so many times when I got nothing from the people I have loved, you have always been at my side, comforting me , consoling me and helping me learn that true love lies in giving , not taking. I am so very thankful f to you for it.

Dear Zindagi, I love you for giving me one of the best gift of all – the gift of confidence. Confidence in myself as well as having confidence in others. I know I would have been a poorer man had you not showered this gift on me.

I also love you Zindagi for teaching me to not just love but also trust people. I know we have had bitter fights each time I have been let down by the ones I trusted but you have always shown me the errors in my thinking. I am sorry for doubting your better judgement. You know me more than I know myself. Although I do not still fully understand it, I am prepared to accept what you say and will continue to trust people.

I want to thank you for letting me find love in my life. The love of my parents, my brothers and sisters, ghosts of girlfriends past, love of my daughter, the love of a partner, the love of my friends and the love I have had for others. Being in love is a beautiful feeling Zindagi and I am really thankful to you for letting me find it time and time again , especially in those dark times when everything looked bleak.

I love the way you have helped me find love in my work. I truly enjoy what I do and I am so very thankful to you for leading me over the years gently towards this. I love the gift of writing that you have given me. I know you know that I express myself much better in prose than in verbal communication and this is a gift I treasure most of all.

And Zindagi, how can I forget that one gift you bathed me in! The gift of laughter! You helped me find humor in everything.  You gave me the ability to make people laugh. I so love helping people laugh and laughing along with them. I would not have been able to do this if you had not shown me how to laugh at myself.

I know I have not been the best of companion to you all these year and I am sorry. There have been times when I have been sad, weary, frustrated, angry at the world and at myself, scared, bitter – all the things that you my love are not. And I want to thank you for being there with me, by my side, consoling me, loving me, soothing me with your love and helping me see the sunlight once again.

You have given my life meaning my love. You and only you are responsible for keeping my heart and my mind as young as a twenty five year old even though my body is growing old. You are the only one responsible for infusing into me love, a zest for life that makes me want every day to get up , get ready and face the world.

You are the world my dear Zindagi. How can I ever thank you for everything that you have done for me? The only gift I can ever think of giving you back is passing on the gifts that you have given me to others, helping them find their way, the way you helped me. Helping them laugh through their sorrows and frustration in the way you helped me. Helping them gain in confidence, the way you helped me. And above all, helping them to open their hearts to love.

Dear Zindagi, thank you for being the better part of me.

Happy Valentines!


Yours in love forever




Ps: I will always love you till I die


  1. Finally read your post and loved your style of writing. Keep writing and pushing us to read so that we enjoy and appreciate the simple things

  2. What a lovely write up. Very relatable. And makes me want to get up and shine again. Fall in life again. Keep writing. Keep inspiring.

  3. Dear Zindagi… How much each one of us values life and, yet, how little we all appreciate its gifts. A lovely letter indeed that reminded me of not just enjoying, but also celebrating life, and sharing its joys with those who have made mine worth living.

  4. A beautiful reminder of the little things we forget about life love the humbleness that come across in acknowledging gifts without which we would not be we…


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