Why do we hold on and never let go?


Sometimes in life we come to an inflexion point. Where we need to let go and move on.

But letting go is far easier said than done. Letting go needs acknowledgement of the mind and the heart that it is the best decision. And while the mind may be wise and practical, our hearts definitely are not.

Quite often we continue to hold on to threads in the faint hope that things will improve. At other times, we replay scenarios in our mind of how things could change or improve and sometimes we blame ourselves so deeply about letting the situation reach an inflexion point, that we are unable to let go.

The sad truth in all of this is that our thinking, our feelings and our emotions are all self centered around an I, Me, Myself kind of twisted logic.

We forget that situations, relationship are never one sided. They are prisms of refraction where our individuality is just one hue among the several colors that one can see.

The truth is that people change, circumstances change, priorities change, love and relationships change. And it is our inherent inability to accept these changes that makes us continue to hold on and keep hoping and hoping for the dream that we refuse to let go.

Dreams die hard. And dreams are unreal. They are figments of our imagination, possible utopian scenario that we ourselves have crafted due to our longingness for something that was not meant for us from the beginning.

And we refuse to acknowledge this fact. We wish things were different and our wishes turn into obsession and the obsession into madness and our madness makes us do things that we normally would not have done.

The strong willed among us try to bulldoze our will, believing that if we try hard enough, things will work our way. The emotional among us, turn to emotional management hoping that emotions will make things happen and the stupid among us continue holding on stupidly.

But situations are prisms. In which we are only one of the many colors. We forget that there are others involved in the situation, with their own thoughts, feelings and conviction

The truth is we cannot force things to happen. We cannot make someone like us, love us or be with us. And even if we succeed, there is no free will.

Free will. That is the important thing to remember and accept. Free will is what will make things happen. Let it be.

Let it be. Three words that can completely change ones outlook. A philosophy that assumes acceptance of things as they are as much as accepting things as they could be.

Let it be.

Life is beautiful. And wonderful. Take pleasure in what was , what has been experienced  and let it be .

Let it be my friends. Let it be.

Ciao until next time .

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