Last Living Will Of Rajesh Menon


I, Rajesh Menon, being of sound mind and body do hereby solemnly pen down my last living will to leave behind all my assets. I would like to leave behind all the things that have been my most important assets that I have built up over the past 52 years.

I leave behind these things in the hope that they bring to you’ll all the joy, all the happiness and all the beauty that I have had the pleasure of receiving in my life. It’s been a wonderful life that I have led and experienced till now and I hope that with these assets that I leave behind, each one of you will get what I have got

To my younger colleagues, to the ones who are starting off in life at work, I leave behind my capacity for hard work and commitments. They have helped me built a rock solid reputation for myself in all the years that I have worked in multiple places. Do not take this asset lightly for it will serve you well in the careers that you have chosen to be in. Work hard and work with commitments

To my daughter I leave behind my curiosity to learn. While I have never been a studious person, I have always cherished knowledge and been driven by curiosity. It is what has helped me grow and for you my daughter Rhea, I want you to fill your young life with all the curiosity that this wonderful world has to offer. You will bloom, you will learn and you will fill your life with wondrous knowledge that will expand your mind and help you see things differently from others.

To the ones I have hurt unknowingly in life, I leave behind my big heart so that you can find it within yourself to forgive not just me but also all the other people who have hurt you. It takes courage to ask for forgiveness but it takes a much harder courage to actually forgive those who have hurt you badly. To help you do that, I leave behind my big heart. It has a lot of love and a lot of forgiveness left in it and am sure it will serve you well.

And to the ones who stumbled into my life when I was at my lowest, who broke down the walls I had built around me, I leave behind my love. I hope it will give you a fresh perspective in life. True love is not expecting anything in return, remember that my dear. If you expect something in return remember, it’s a transaction, not love. So I leave behind my love for you so that you too can experience what it is to truly love and experience that emotion fully in your life. Trust me, you will treasure this gift of love.

To all ones I have ever helped guide, coach, mentor, inspire or otherwise encouraged to grow, find yourself and become distinct individuals in your own right, I leave behind my empathy and my helping hand with a request that you too should become a light for others to find their way out of the darkness of fear, lack of self-confidence and diffidence. I hope you will be able to see in them the same beauty, the same power, the same awesome professional that I managed to see in you and you use my gift to pass it on.

And to everyone who ever touched my life in ways they never knew, I leave behind my passion for life. It’s my most precious asset and it has been and growing with me. Every hard knock that life gave me it was my passion that brought me back up on my feet. Every bad day, every bad year, every bad moment, it was my passion that kept me going. I love life with a passion and I leave behind that for you. May it bring you as much life as it did to mine.

And to all those who are struggling to find meaning in their lives or in their career or in their relationships, I leave behind my hope and faith.  Hope and Faith have been two sisters that have been my constant companions throughout my life. No matter how dark the days have been or how angry the storm, I have always lived in hope and quiet faith that the dark days will be over and in hope that better days will prevail. Hope and Faith is what has got me out of some of my darkest moments in my life and I hope that you will find them as useful and precious as I have found them

So there you have it my friends, my last living will and testament of all my assets that I have decided to leave behind. When I do meet God, I want to be sure to tell HIM that I have used every single asset he gave me fully and completely and that I have left them to people who need it now more than I do.

Life is beautiful my friends. Sure it gets dark and stormy and rough many times over. Some time’s it is caused by failed relationships, sometimes money, sometimes and business failures hit you hard and sometimes its unrequited love. These problems can hit you and hit you hard and the world can look gloomy and depressive and you could feel unwanted and unloved. And sometimes all these problems could also come together and throw you into a maelstrom and wring your entire body, mind and heart. You could be staring at something worse than a nightmare. I should know my friend coz I have experienced it.

And survived. Thanks to 7 assets that I have had the pleasure of having all these years. And I leave them to you to treasure and use and pass on to the next person who touches your life.

God Bless You.





  1. Based on this, I get multiple things out of your will. Probably, even got some out already. Thanks for sharing your wealth with me and eveyone I know in your regard.

  2. It’s a beautiful post. But I am sure that this will is very premature. You have at least another couple of dozen years to live fiercely and create many more such assets that enable, enhance and empower everyone who has had a chance to interact with you. Best wishes on your birthday, and always!

  3. Well if this was your last will, then I would say I am happy to get most out of it. The blog really connected with the kind of colorful person you are Ted Talks and those vol.. eruptions will always be remembered.
    Cheers to Life As We Live It.


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