Life & Relationship Between a Hello and Goodbye


Life is a series of Hello’s and Goodbye’s.

We meet people all our life. Some stay for a day, some for weeks, some even for months and yet some for a lifetime but we always end up saying a Goodbye.  Goodbyes can be painful or joyous, depending on the circumstance in which the goodbye is said. A death of a loving family member is a final goodbye that will bring tears to the eyes and a goodbye to a bad, abusive marriage can bring a smile to the lips.

Hello’s too come our way from childhood. We meet new people and we say a Hello. We meet new colleagues and we say a Hello. We say Hello’s to our friends, our lovers, our colleagues and our life partners.

A hello is a promise of a better future for both the people. A goodbye is a finality that ends it all

What lies between a Hello and a Goodbye is called Life.

And all the relationships that we make in life lie between a Hello and a Goodbye.

Our loves and our hopes, our joys and our heartbreaks, our destinies and our prayers, our successes and our failures are woven between these two extremities. And in living and building relationships between these two ends, we learn how to live a life.

A Hello and a Goodbye are both doors that open to new possibilities and future. Every time we say a hello to someone, we do not know how our lives with intertwine with the person we just met. It could be a passing wind that brought us together or it could be a permanent realignment in the cosmic structure that brought our lives together – whether for good or bad, only time and the relationship will tell.

As someone who has lived long, I have been no stranger to Hello’s and Goodbye’s. I have never made deep relationships with most of the hello’s I said. A few Hello’s I have said have somehow some inexplicably woven into my life that saying a Goodbye I know would cause me deep pain and hurt. My life is so inextricably meshed up with some close people, like a tangled piece of headphone wires.

There have been hello’s that seemed promising, a whiff of a possible bloom, but they were dashed and swept away in an all-to-soon goodbye, never to be seen again.  Often it is not the length of time between a hello and goodbye that defines a relationship. It’s the quality of the length.

Quite recently I said a hello to two new startup entrepreneurs I had met. But yet in a matter of months there was an abrupt goodbye and an end to what appeared to have been a relationship that could have been good. Life’s like that. Goodbye’s hurt.

Because goodbye’s signify an end. A full stop. A closed door behind you.

One of the learning I have had in life has been to treasure every goodbye for the memories that lay between the first time you said a hello and then the goodbye. As human’s we are the sum of our memories. They build us, they define us and above all make us who we are.

We learn from every Hello and we learn even more from every Goodbye. And the relationships we make lie between these two. And how we treat that relationship will go a long way in determining the quality and length of time between the hello and goodbye. Keep the relationship casual and the length will be short. Keep the relationship meaningful and the length and quality will be deep.

Sometimes goodbyes are forced upon us because of circumstances and sometimes we force people to say goodbye to us because of our own mistakes or actions. Moving to a new place, a new office, a new home, getting married, having kids – all of these are life changing moments that force goodbye’s on many of the people we have said an hello too in the past.

Likewise a hurtful word, a wrong behavior, a misguided action or even something as simple as an unknowing mistake can force a goodbye on you and cut short a relationship.

Every relationship ends. Some in death and some in a goodbye. But they teach us an important lesson in life. That we should treasure every Hello to the best of our ability and work to preserving the relationships that matter so that the inevitable goodbye is prolonged for as long as possible.

A hello is a promise of a brighter, better future, a joint future for both the people, while a goodbye is a finality. An end.

Keep your hellos close to you. Never let relationships suffer for want of trying. No matter how hard it is. The future belongs to those who believe that the joint future can better with two people in it, rather than just one.

And so to all my friends who have said Goodbye, let me just say Ciao. Until we meet again in this life or the next.


  1. Life is a ticket to some of the greatest shows on earth.
    Cioa,untill we meet again.

    I can totally relate to the words. Been there done that and still feels the same.

  2. Don’t be dismayed by good-byes.
    A farewell is necessary
    Before you can meet again.

    And meeting again,
    After moments or lifetimes,
    Is certain for those who are friends.

    Richard Bach in Illusions

  3. Read Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss- you may get many of these answers,
    why some people bid adieu sooner & forever, while others keep coming back to their respective lives again & again.
    why with some people a life time of knowing still does not mean a connection.
    while with some others a few meetings seem to be transcending across multiple rebirths
    Souls of the same kind, flock together across rebirths.

  4. Hello, is always the start of a bond which might or might not lead to a memorable goodbye. And sometimes a Goodbye is not the end, but a beginning of new journey in one’s life with all the memories preserved to craft a fascinating story in the end….

  5. Could totally relate to what you have written.

    Me holding my hellos close to my ♥ so that the inevitable goodbyes are prolonged.


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