Real Life Invisible Heroines


Sometimes in life one comes across certain individuals that tend to leave a strong mark on you. And I am not talking of the likes of Elon Musk or JRD Tata or their likes, but of the common person, the invisible person with whom, you could be crossing on the street without a second glance. These are the hundreds of unknown heroes and heroines that dot the world- the unsung people who deserve to be called out and ballads created in their names.

The other day, I had the opportunity to meet one such family and have lunch with them- a lunch that I had been long waiting for. What captivated me about this family was that they were all women and their strong individual inspiring personalities.

At the heart of this family was the mother. Widowed at a young age with four daughters. Belonging to a reasonably well to do family, the young lady had her husband snatched away at a young age, leaving behind four young daughters to bring up. Not the easiest thing to do in a city like Delhi or perhaps anywhere in the world with its predatory creatures. But the lady did just that.

Thrown in the wolves den, the lady managed to find herself a job. Work hard and at the same time bring up her children with a firm hand and most importantly imbibe in them an innate sense of responsibility, fairness, familial love and closeness that I have not seen much in most families. The eldest had to leave her studies to help support the mother in raising the younger kids. Each sister in the family took their turn to help bring up the younger one, each of them in turn passing on the same baton of instructions and familial love that the mother had.

Cut to the present, two of the daughters are entrepreneurs in their own right, facing the odds bravely and positively as only women with substance can do. Another sister is leading a happy life with two gorgeous daughters and the fourth rapidly climbing the corporate ladder as an astute professional in her own right.

Four Sisters- as remarkably common as the next person you can see on the street, but as remarkably uncommon as only one who interacted with them would know. Filled with positivity, hope, faith, love and above all a closeness that was very inspiring to one as jaded as I had been with my over 5 decades of dealing with human beings. To say that they inspired me and motivated me with their unique personalities is putting it mildly.

What is that inspires all of us? No doubt brave acts that our soldiers do at the front is inspiring as are the stories of the rags to riches and self-made successful entrepreneurs. They no doubt inspire all of us.

However, to my mind, it is the simple acts of common courage and bravery that singles out inspiring individuals. Acts of living life positively despite adversity, acts of inspiring and instilling the right attitude in others and bringing up another generation to carry the torch are to my mind the right inspiration that all of us need to bring into this world and to the people around us.

Here’s to the woman of substance. The invisible heroines in our life.

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Rajesh Menon is a seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketing expert with over 25 years of experience. An MBA in marketing, Rajesh has largely worked in the advertising and communication industry with several leading agencies. He has worked with several brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Britannia, Usha, Gillette as well as with hundreds of SME’s


  1. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” perfect for the writer. A person who gets inspired by common people in life, think how much he can inspire to million people in the world.

    Awaiting for your book 🙂

  2. You are now embarrassing me 🙂 but appreciate your thoughts…and am waiting for the book myself. one copy reserved for all my readers.

  3. Something I did know how to think of but never knew hiw to feel. This one taught me a lot of gestures you can make in the world for the unsung heroes/heroines who simply pass by and we never tend to know. They just vibe different and you sir have the right eye to see one.


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